Invite - Zeman Open House

Invite - Zeman Open House


Specialist Machinery Sales invites you to inspect Zeman’s latest innovations in automation for steel fabrication. From the 28th until 29th April 2020 at the Zeman machine factory in Austria.

SPS Scanning & Plate Sorting

Autonomous Cart driving parts from the SPS to the SBA

SBA Conti+ Additional in/out-feed function, 3 robots

SBW Terminator: Fast welding cell

The benefits of attending:

  • See live how simple the Profit-Software imports 3D-Data into a robot without programming. Learn best practice from successful companies all over the world (seeing is learning)
  • Get in touch with a network of successful International Steel Fabricators
  • Hear changing ideas and business opportunities and compare cases from others
  • Learn best practice cases and take advantage of reference visits in related industries.

Research & Development that can be demonstrated at the open house

Zeman is striving to achieve a smart factory with full automation of the assembly & welding machines when delivering the parts from the SPS automatically and when required.

Automatic loading of the SBA add-on-parts with the plate handling device connect the SPS to the SBA from the autonomous driving cart.

To request an official invitation and airport transfers email or call Todd Doling on +61414151900.

(Please note May 1st is public Holiday across Europe)

Autonomous Driving Accurate & Sorted Parts to Welders or SBA

This robot cart is a fully automated, self driving vehicle, that carries pallets of quality checked & sorted add-on-parts from the from the SPS the welding benches or a Zeman Steel Beam Assembly or Welding.

Steel Beam Assembler’ Conti +

The Conit + has the fastest material handling, assembly and welding that can then extended to the Conti2Plus.

‘Steel Beam Welder’ Terminator 760

Finish welding of pre-assembled beams. The SBW Terminator is designed to be offered as the ‘hamburger with the lot’. You only need to select the rotator width and length of master profile. Convert to an SBA with plug and play principles when the scanner box, assembly robot and Add-On-Parts table are commissioned at a later date.

“Fully automated Scanning and Sorting of Plates”

Never fabricate the incorrect size plate again? The Steel Part Sorting identifies the part is correct before fabrication. The SPS sorts and checks tons of steel plates in record time. A SPS is a perfect combination with a Steel Beam Assembler, or sorting parts for manual fabrication. Fabricated steel is installed quickly as a result from the accuracy that is provided from the SPS and SBA.

Zeman Case Studies

Zeman Machinery

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