Invitation - Zeman Austrian Open House

Invitation - Zeman Austrian Open House

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Zeman and SMS invite you to Austria to witness live demonstrations of the latest SBA & SBW machines in action.  Visit Zeman to learn why over 50 SBA’s are installed or on order with 6 in Australia & New Zealand!

20-24th May – SBA Conti Plus & SBW Terminator 760
27th – 28th May – SBA SR Compact

Schlossfeld 5, 8811 Scheifling Austria (transfers from Vienna are arranged)

Contact Todd Dolling on  0414151900 to confirm who and how many people are attending from your business or click to register

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SR-SBA (Single Rail)

  • Price 30% lower than SBA Compact
  • Laser scanning system of AOP’s
  • Integrated ABB assembly and ABB welding robot
  • Efficient footprint suitable for small fabricators with 760/1100 rotators
  • Employs one welding robot capable of performing both tack welds and all weld procedures and multi welds
  • Assembly robot assists in turning of the AOP’s to ensure correct placement to the main profile
  • Integrated profile turning devices rotate the main profile as needed for welding on all sides of the AOP’s
  • Side load forklifts can load/unload profiles into the SR-SBA efficiently or gantry cranes
  • SR-SBA DUPLEX line is available so the profile A in zone 1 is being fabricated whilst the profile B is zone 2 is being removed before profile C is loaded.

SR-SBA Information Flyer
SR-SBA Footprint Drawing

Zeman Single Rail

SBW – Terminator 760

This Robotic Steel Beam Welding (SBW) line is for the automatic welding process of add-on-parts (AOP)to the main steel profile. The main profile has the add-on-parts pre assembled (tack welded) manually or fabricated on a a Zeman SBA prior to being placed into the SBW rotators.  All AOP’s will be welded by the robot(s) piece by piece.

The finished “Ready to erect” steel structure will be removed from the turning devices with a side loader or overhead crane for visual quality check, painting and delivery.  The SBW can be transferred to a SBA at a later date on your factory floor.  

Information Sheet

SBA Conti Plus

Fully automated steel beam assembly and welding machine, consisting of integrated material handling in-feed and unloading system of the main profile (3 minutes material handling of the main profile in feed & out feed of the SBA). Integration with existing CNC beam saw/drill/coping machines is possible.  The add-on-parts (AOP’s) are loaded onto a top or bottom table outside the SBA and transferred to the assembly robot moving under a stationary AOP scanning station.  An average of 1 minute to fabricate every AOP up to 200kg 

Stop turning away projects because your workshop can’t meet the schedule for many projects clients will award your business once you have this SBA!

Conti Plus Product Page

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