Increase Fabrication Output With Fewer Welders: Evidence Revealed

January 30, 2017 by Todd - No Comments

zeman-sba-01Three Zeman Steel Beam Assembly (SBA) machines have been sold to Australia and New Zealand that is transforming how steel is fabricated and welded.

Specialist Machinery Sales and Zeman collaborated closely with these clients to design the SBA specification that would best meet their business strategies, their clients’ requirements and improve their outcomes.

Zeman’s substantial industry knowledge comes from their understanding of the expectations of fabrication and automation. This is created from concept to production testing by Zeman in their 18,000 tonne per annum structural steel workshop in Europe.

Increase your capacity, improve your schedule and cost when deploying an automation strategy to fabricate and weld your add-on parts to all your steel profiles today! Zeman has 8 SBA to meet your performance outcomes.

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What it Does For You?

1. How does the Zeman SBA grow my business?

2. What makes the SBA better than manual fitting and welding?

3. How does a SBA deliver efficiency and improvements?


zeman-sba-02How it Works?

1. Automate fabrication of add-on parts in 1 minute – re-tasking man-hours!

2. Arc on efficiency for weld out at 60%

3. Programming 90% of add-on parts in 15 seconds in automatic mode


See it Work

Profit & Proof

A winning strategy for lowering cost per tonne for structural steel fabrication
Discover how to fabricate more with less floor space and machinery
The best way to measure a ROI from a SBA for your business
The untold secret on how to program a cleat to be fabricated in 30 seconds
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