How to Minimise Cost Per Part for Structural Steel Add-on Part Processing

January 18, 2016 by Todd - No Comments

Processing add-on parts for a structural steel fabricators is price sensitive and the correct machinery can increase margins when compared to plasma or laser cutting machines.

Include a PS500 CNC flat bar punching, stamping, shearing machine with an automatic in feed stock yard and part sorting capability to your existing fleet of machines to win competitive advantage.

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Extensive capabilities come from 133 years contribution with the fabrication and steel processing industry in the broadest sectors and applications.

VB-PS500-Photo-7 copyWhat It Does For You

  • Automates processing of structural steel add-on assembly parts like base plates, stiffeners, purlin cleats
  • Punches slots, holes, stamps characters & shears various angles
  • Automatic material handling in feed
  • Out feed with add-on part sorting

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VB-PS500-photo-21 copyWhy the Cost Per Part < 50% Lower than Laser or Plasma?

  • No plasma/laser gas & less power
  • Shearing is a faster cutting process
  • Automated in feed stock yard material handling of all flat bar sizes
  • Holes, slots & characters stamping in 1 second each up to 25mm plate
  • Flat bar is 10% less cost than plate
  • Plate nest 15% off-cut is wasted
  • No plasma/laser cut burr to remove
  • Automated out-feed part sorting

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Automation and processing innovated

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PS500-stamping-11 copyCase Studies

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The PS500 compliments a Zeman Steel Beam Assembly machine perfectly. Which machine does your business take first?

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