HGG Virtual Reality Install & Service

HGG Virtual Reality Install & Service

HGG 3D Pipe Profile Cutting Machines

15 years ago, the Technical Director at HGG had a dream that “every customer” should have the best Engineer at his machine, and they succeeded. At that moment of time their Engineers were spending most of their time traveling, instead of supporting customers. HGG started to use camera’s and learned step by step, they had difficulties due to limitations of communication technology and very brief manuals. They learned and overcame these challenges and paved the road for what we today call “a full remote installation”.

Fast forward to today any competent local Field Engineer can install or service a HGG machine, supported with highly detailed and easy to use manuals and a dedicated argument reality helmet, providing the eyes and ears for the HQ based engineers. Having these tools in hand, for which the stepping stones were laid a long time ago, HGG now can proudly say that they can install or service a machine without having a HGG engineer on site.

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