HGG 3D Profile Plasma Cutting & Coping Robot

HGG 3D Profile Plasma Cutting & Coping Robot

HGG 3D Profile Plasma Cutting & Coping Robot

HGG have lead the industry for pipe profile cutting machines from the Netherlands for decades and are now doing so with the coping robot.

The HGG coping robot will add value to all your steel profiles. If the part can not be processed on a HGG the part won’t be cut on any other machine.

The HGG will automatically measure, layout mark and cut the most complex of profiles. Send us your drawings today so evidence based metrics and time studies can be returned for evaluation.

The HGG coping robot is the ultimate fabricator that will increase capacity, improve schedule, quality and reduce costs. Fabricators will re-task man-hours when layout marking is deployed to ensure accurate steel is delivered to site to avoid costly reworks away from the workshop.

Automating fabrication is reducing the man-hours per tonne to fabricate steel which is allowing the businesses with an HGG machine to win more and do more which is what you want isn’t it?

Specialist Machinery Sales is rapidly becoming a leader in 3D Profile Plasma Cutting & Coping Robot technology. Email us for your free information pack or visit our Beamline & Coping Robot page here.

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