Eliminate Fabrication Layout Marking Lag-time

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Nickelbutt Automation – Expertise, Versatility, Sustainability

We all accept that time IS money, that being the case every minute spent marking up your steel for fabrication by hand could be considered avoidable cost.

What makes automation excel is the consistent accuracy, reliability & peace of mind gained through laser layout marking in collaboration with Nickelbutt Automation.

01What it Does For You?

Add productivity time to your workshop with out increasing the headcount.

Utilise the expertise of your production team to maximise the capacity of your automation.

Improve fabrication schedule and output by 30%.

Download the Laser Layout Marking ROI

02How it Works

Steel beam surface laser printer layout marking, utilising the data from Tekla 3D software.

Four sides of a beam plus inside of the web layout marking can be automated.

No laser printing residue is visible after painting or galvanasing.

Download the Laser Layout Capabilities

03See it Work – See the Value

See the reality of effortless laser marking when compared to the repetition of manual demands.

Improve your understanding and consider the value that laser layout marking adds to every project.

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04Tekla Export Module

Having a readily available compatible 3D Tekla model to inform your automated fabrication process is now achievable.

Exploit the full value of the engineering design and detailing team with the added efficiency that you can now incorporate.

View the Tekla Export Video

05Profit & Proof

Every fabricator is aware the largest per hour cost is their labor force. Why? – Because their experience and expertise is credible.

The effective deployment & utilisation of every asset is crucial to the financial success of every fabrication project.

View the Manual Layout Vs Laser Layout Marking Video

Case Studies

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Re-task 25 man hours every 500 add-on parts fabricated and assembled!
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Avoid suffering from buying the wrong beam line

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