White Paper - Discover How To Fabricate More With Less Floor Space & Machinery

White Paper - Discover How To Fabricate More With Less Floor Space & Machinery

Discover How To Fabricate More With Less Floor Space & Machinery

Many fabricators believe it is not possible to increase capacity and reduce the cost of sale and delivery without increasing labour, capital equipment and factory space. Each of these represents a significant investment that may take time to see a ROI.

Some clients have felt it is important to invest in traditional structural steel processing machinery such as beam-lines, coping robots and plate plasma cutting machinery to improve their structural steel business. What they found is the full fleet of structural steel processing machinery is often under-utilised and that this suite of machinery requires a large workshop bay to function effectively.

An alternative strategy is to deploy steel service centres to provide JIT processed beams and fittings. Since most steel service providers have the full fleet of steel processing machinery, this methodology:

  • frees up floorspace that can be used for fabrication;
  • reduces the amount of a fabricator’s capital that is tied up in paying off under-utlised steel processing machinery; and
  • introduces competitive tension to the supply chain to reduce cost/ton to have beams and cleats delivered.

During busy times the fabricator has flexibility to have several suppliers processing steel to meet delivery times required to keep
capacity up to a beam assembly machine.

Australian fabricators understand how many tons of steel one boilermaker needs to produce per month in order to achieve a ROI. Many business need to have welders working double shifts to meet capacity and delivery requirements. Specialist Machinery Australia’s clients are discovering how a beam assembly machine will assist their business to win more work and increase capacity while maintaining their current factory space.

Fabricators are typically delighted when they discover that a 5,000 – 10,000 ton capacity is available from a beam assembly machine footprint of 27m x 8.2m x 6.2m. Additional capacity of > 15,000 ton can be achieved when fabricators deploy the beam assembly machine to tack and assemble parts that can then be manually welded out. Fabricators are able to measure the auditable differences between automation beam assembly to manual welding ton / m2 and costs per ton so value can be realised.

When evaluating their options, fabricators appreciate that an investment in automation for beam assembly is a sensible choice to increase the tonnage per m2 of available factory space and lower the cost per ton to fabricate.

Fabricators from 1,500–15,000 ton per annum are currently choosing to invest in the Zeman Beam Assembly Machine supplied to Australia by Specialist Machinery Sales. What Zeman clients have found is they can increase capacity, improve efficiencies and reduce delivery times without having to increase their factory space, labor or invest in other machinery. This innovative strategy drives positive cash flow into their fabrication businesses, which is what you want isn’t it?

There are seven beam assembly specifications to select from to meet your business’s fabrication performance outcomes. Contact Specialist Machinery Sales Australia today to discuss the how the Zeman Beam Assembly Machine will positively impact your fabrication business to allow you to win more and do more.

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