Euroblech in Hannover from the 21-25th October

October 31, 2016 by Todd - No Comments


Zeman had a successful Euroblech exhibition with everyone enjoying the 3D model of the Compact Plus SBA on display. Ask us for the latest news about Zeman today!



Rosler exhibited automatic shot blasting & painting at Euroblech. This is where the industry is trending so be the early adopter to secure the competitive advantage for your workshop today.


Vernet Behringer

Vernet Behringer launched the PG/FG to drill, v-score, counter sink both sides of add-on assembly parts. Also launched was the HD-S beamline to add value to all steel profiles up to 410mm. Ask for further details today!



Behringer exhibited automatic cold saws & structural bandsaws that work with lights out principles. Many references in Australia that enjoy a lower cost per part than natural competitors.



CMM enjoyed a successful Euroblech show when demonstrating their beam welding technology that has been adding value to customers in 60 countries for 30 years. CMM also launched a full range of tube and pipe welding machinery to complement their existing beam welding machinery portfolio.


Muller Opladen

Muller Opladen exhibited 5 axis pipe plasma cutting machinery with the various pipe handling and pipe storage options available.  Muller Opladen has no gaps in their product range for more information click here.