‘Euroblech’ Hanover Germany (October 23rd – 26th) Plus Zeman tour to Netherlands client on Wed 24th (TBA)

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Contact SMS for Euroblech tickets and dinner, drinks and networking opportunities with our suppliers

HGG –  EuroBLECH link 

ZemanEuroBLECH link      Zeman is arranging transport from Hannover to the Netherlands so fabricators can visit a Zeman SBA Conti Plus installation at Hardeman on Wednesday 24th. visit /english.hardeman.nl

Contact Kate to secure your booking

Vernet BehringerEuroBLECH link

BehringerEuroBLECH link 1Link 2.   

BalliuEuroBLECH link

FaccinEuroBLECH link

Other factory visits are available either side of EuroBlech by request