How AU/NZ Defeat China on Small or Large Fabrication Steel Projects. You Can Too!

How AU/NZ Defeat China on Small or Large Fabrication Steel Projects. You Can Too!

Attention every small, medium and large workshop! Get ready to scale your fabrication at heights historically only available to the tier 1 workshops or countries with low cost labour like China?

What would your tender bid/win ration look like when the Zeman SBA accurately fabricates and assembles add on parts to every beam faster than any local or overseas workshop can? Would you win more work or make more money? With the SBA you can do both now!

To the fabricators in lockdown or hibernation mode, you can arm your workshop to rapidly increase capacity, improve schedules and meet tighter deadlines for several projects at once when this COVID-19 is defeated! All of this from the one Steel Beam Assembler that takes the footprint of two welding bays and the cost of two welders.

Isn’t it time AU/NZ workshops stop refusing the second and third project due to lack of capacity, footprint or skilled labour to deliver? Watch the video above to understand how it’s IMPOSSIBLE to fabricate the correct part in the incorrect position or the incorrect part in the correct position!

This fabrication shop supercharger has been designed specifically to speed up one of the most time-consuming areas for the most complex part of your fabrication.

  • Fabrication ONLY/hour: Two beams with 12 Add-On-Parts (AOP) up to 200kg each
  • Fabrication ONLY/day: 23 hours = 46 beams with 552 AOP vs17 fitters or 138 hours?
  • Fabrication ONLY 1 month: 22 days =1012 beams with 12,1244 AOP vs 3036 manual fabrication hours @ $60/hour at $182K skilled labour vs $20K SBA finance per month!
  • Beam size: 750mm wide by 18m long with 5000kg net weight (including AOP’s)
  • Layout: 27m x 10m x 4m height for a 760mm x 18m long beam – layout drawing
  • Layout: 21m x 10m x 4m height for a 760mm x 12m beam – layout drawing
  • Finance / month : $1 AUD vs 0.54 Euro (30% balloon) budget 2.9% interest – $20K
  • SBA-SR vs Fitter Labour: Affordable cost of ownership is equivalent to hiring 2 fitters
  • COVID-19: No 50% depreciation stimulus depreciation included in cost of ownership!
  • Labour cost: to operate the SBA 24×5 @$60-75/hour
  • Fabrication cost/AOP: $5 each with100% AOP accuracy assembled on the SBA!
  • Time study: Scanning, rotating, measuring & tack/assembly 1.5-2 minutes per AOP.
  • Beam load/unload time study: Overhead crane or side loader budget five minutes
  • Welding-out AOP’s: Spare fabrication capacity is deployed to weld out the AOP’s
  • SR-SBA Brochure: Capabilities & limitations

Watch the Case Study – Lowering Cost to Win Against Low Cost Labour Steel

Re-shoring fabricated steel from China has begun! SMS clients are brave and profitable who are now strategically scaling their workshop to join the return to action whilst their balance sheets can finance the SBA this financial year!


Zeman’s virtual-open house with several of the latest SBA, SBW and SPS will be available with Q&A available to those who register. Check out the previous invitation that has now turned virtual – click here.

Contact us on 1300 262 123 or email to register for this virtual webinar / open house.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions preventing AU/NZ quality controllers visiting low cost country fabrication workshops these fabricators are returning the work inside their workshops when partnering with Zeman. The higher AU/NZ exchange rate has increased the cost or fabricated steel from low cost labour which has created the perfect storm to invest in the Zeman SR-SBA disruptive technology today!

Aussie workshops are evaluating the full range of Zeman SBA’s to arm their workshop with the weapon of mass construction and fabrication. The fabricators with the strong balance sheets will be advantaged with the Government Stimulus Package which will lower the true cost of ownership! Zeman/SMS has never had as many enquiries received in such a short period of time resulting from the stimulus incentives. What about you?

How significantly would your workshop’s quality, capacity, schedule and profit improve when fabricated parts are completed instead of committing to 1920’s fabrication methods of layout marking with the tape measure, chalk and square? Relegate these traditional tools and your nearest 3 competitors to your company’s history books. Your workshop will have 6 months to prepare whilst the SBA is delivered so you can prepare for your workshops growth through the changing seasons we are all experiencing.

With COVID-19 disruption the fabricator with the Zeman SBA can generate attractive cash flow positive outcomes contracting fabrication capacity for >$20/20kg/AOP & < $30/30kg/AOP generating $242K per month or $3m AUD/year? That is the perfect medicine for any business to defeat COVID-19 disruption and have the SR-SBA running between in-house projects that suit the SBA.

Hit this link to challenge the status quo in your workshop and join us on the journey your peers are when evaluating the SR-SBA on the SMS website.

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