Consider automating painting & finishing for structural steel with Rosler: Experts in shot blasting and painting machinery

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Is your finished product what your clients consider to be a finished product? This highly complimentary finishing capability will invite opportunities, new partners and added capacity to your workshop.

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What it Does for You?2edm-02

– ​Automating painting for variable work packages
– Versatility with quantity and specification
– Environmentally immune to humidity and cold temperatures
– Install a Rosler automatic painting line and sell excess capacity for additional revenue and faster ROI

Download the Rosler Preservation Line Applications Brochure

How it Works?2edm-03

Applies the paint automatically before transferring the steel to an drying station to cure the paint.

Finished fabrication to finished product to meet your clients ideal outcome.

Control cost and schedule so your workshop can win more and do more.

Download the Rosler Painting Line Capabilities Brochure

See it Work, See the Value2edm-04

Visit Rosler manufacturing facility & work together to bring this value to your operation.

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Profit & Proof

Send us your structural profiles or plate fabrication drawings for evaluation & utilisation capability assessment.

Case Studies2edm-05

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