White Paper - The untold secret on how to program a cleat to be welded & assembled in 15 seconds

White Paper - The untold secret on how to program a cleat to be welded & assembled in 15 seconds

The untold secret on how to program a cleat to be welded and assembled in 15 seconds

When looking to invest in a beam assembly machine, a common concern of Australian fabricators is whether the Zeman Profit software can integrate with existing structural design and detailing packages. If programming cleats to be welded onto a beam takes too long or is complicated, they have reported a ROI may not be practical. However, clients have found that the Zeman programming is uncomplicated and fast.

Many fabricators with internal or contract steel detailers utilise structural design and detailing packages such as Tekla, Bocad, Advanced Steel and Pro-steel. Fabricators have found that the Zeman Profit software is compatible with software packages that have an export DSTV tool, producing an NC and XML file. Details of the cleats and beams are easily transferred into Zeman’s Profit software so programming the beam assembly machine is efficient, effective and accurate.

The auditable programming time to weld a cleat to a beam is 15 seconds. This includes the full complement of automation features from the robot beam assembly machine. The engineering and detailing data in the production phase are continuously checking from when the components are introduced until the finished product is fabricated. Precision in every phase produces repeatable tolerances thanks to the field parameters and the fabrication process. The business is now fabricating error free by using the production data that is imported directly from the CAD program. This means there is no risk of production being disrupted by misinterpretation or components being welded incorrectly in position.

The efficiency savings for projects of variable scale will suit Australian fabricators producing numerous components for a variety of sectors. The programming speed per cleat and ease of use is what your business needs from the Zeman Profit software.

Specialist Machinery Sales Australia can arrange for the Zeman Profit software to be demonstrated at your business in 45 minutes that includes the following:

  • Export Tool DSTV from various client steel detailing software;
    • NC File (contour & description of cleat)
    • XML File (co-ordination of the cleat on the beam)
  • Program positioners
  • Magnets selected automatically based on weight of part
  • Select tacking points
    • Can tack in vertical position
  • Select welding lines
  • Family of welds or multi-weld passes selected (the full family of weld parameters come pre-programmed with the machine
  • If the same cleat or stiffener is repeated on the beam, program one part and multiply on other locations of the beam
  • Option pre-heat
  • Option basic plasma cutting (at the end of the beams only)
  • Check for collisions and make necessary adjustments

When you can measure and predict a profitable future for your fabrication business from investment in a beam assembly machine, the next step is to explore the Zeman Profit programming software. Contact Specialist Machinery Sales to discuss how a Zeman robotic structural beam assembly machine will positively impact your key business areas of revenue, margin, profit, expenses and cost of sale.

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