Appreciation Post - A recap of some of our well-satisfied Zeman clients



Our commitment to providing world-class structural steel processing and automation machinery allowed us to establish unique and long-term relationships with our growing clientele, who are the main reason why we are able to continue over the years. This appreciation post is just one of the many things that we can do to return the favour. Here's a recap of some of our well-satisfied Zeman clients:


Page Steel recently purchased a Zeman SBA single rail robotic fabrication machine, which is capable of fabricating beams 1,100mm wide and 18,000mm long. The handling robot can pick up 250kg per add-on part and the beam weight has a maximum of 6 tonnes. "Our most recent and largest investment—at $3.5 million—was in robotic fabrication. While this machinery requires a large investment up front, it is an investment in the future of the company. It will ensure the company is relevant and at the forefront of the industry." - Chris Piacentini, Director

Zeman SBA Zeman SBA 2 Zeman SBA 3 Zeman SBA 5 Zeman SBA 4

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Page Steel Fabrications was established in Victoria in 1970. Over the last 50 years, the company has expanded significantly, adapting to the rapidly changing nature of the industry with the implementation of advanced software ad cutting-edge automation equipment.

CSF industries

CSF Industries recently worked with SMS to invest in a Zeman Scanning and Plate Sorting machine, and a Zeman Structural Steel Beam Assembly machine to ensure that they remain at the forefront of the industry. "The Zeman removes all these issues - it removes downtime from the production process, improving productivity throughout the entire workshop. Another of the advantages is the consistency of labour that it delivers." - Sean Adams, Director

A family business established in Cairns in 1979, CSF Industries operates across just about every market imaginable, from mining and defence to commercial, industrial and residential. Their order book regularly encompasses everything from $3,000 steel supply contracts to $10 million multi-faceted project delivery.


According to Nick Christou (Co-Founder, Pacific Steel Constructions), "The Zeman Steel Beam Assembly (SBA) machine has opened up the capacity of our workshop. We can now take on multiple projects, all without increasing the size of our workforce or footprint. One of the main reasons we purchased the Zeman SBA was to increase our output and our turnover while maintaining the same size workshop. We don’t have a large workshop, as it has limited floor space, and so we needed to maximise the efficiency of that entire area."



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