Kuhlmeyer Long-Belt Grinding Machine for High-Quality Surfaces


Large surface plates had been grinded with various handheld and manual operated tools. In rolling mills for example the faulty areas on a steel plate were grinded by means of mobile stone grinders.

So-called circulating tables for the precast concrete industry need a proper surface which was partly made by a handheld grinder.

In order of achieving a table size of 4,5 m, x 12 m three plates have to be longitudinally joined by welding. Taking apart of the welding seam had to be done by standard angle grinders.

In the structural-facing sector large dimensioned stainless steel plates and constructional elements, which cannot be grinded on conventional wide belt grinding machine anymore, need to be processed on the Long-Belt Grinding Machines as sophisticated surfaces with a defined roughness are required. Here in particular for some dedicated applications in the food and medical / pharma industry.

For a large variety of austenitic steels, for special heat resistant alloys as well as for the high tensile strength qualities one is only able to improve the surface roughness by grinding. The size and the waviness of these plates do only allow processing by a Long-Belt Grinder. The special focus, however, is here the penetration through the hard oxide surfaces.

For some perforated plates, bent and structural plates for minting and engraving, etc. both sides have to be grinded. For such a task the machine as such can be upgraded by a tilting table, which takes care of a smooth plate tilting of 180°.

A homogeneous surface without chatter marks, stripe free, can only be achieved by some precautions. In this respect the following prerequisites are obsolete: Heavy machine frame, Servo driven four-wheel drive for an exact advancing speed and positioning, fine adjustable tools, which are able to balance out an eventual unevenness of the plate and avoids the drift of the grinding belt.

The KUHLMEYER Long-Belt Grinding Machine “LBS”, is available in a working width of up to 12 m and can be a built-in working length as per request. The machine can be equipped with one or two Long-Belt Grinding Aggregates. Besides that, it is also possible to install so-called KUHLMEYER “Delta Grinding Aggregates” for weld seam removal, etc. The programming of such a machine is done by means of an operator-friendly, menu guided SPS control.

Some special precaution is needed for machines working on Aluminium and even worse Titanium, Zirconium, etc. In such a case the machine will be custom built in an Ex-Proof design. Here special attention is being drawn to the entire dust management system all the way up to the filtering unit.

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