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The experience, expertise and innovation of Kaltenbach ensure that their KKS series circular saws are reliable all-rounders. With all machines in the KKS series boasting universal mitring circular saws, solid materials can be sawn with the same high-quality performance as tubes and profiles. The KKS series machines all feature a robust, powerful drive with hardened and ground helical gears for smooth operation and precise cuts.

The two most popular machines in the series are the fully automatic KKS 463 NA, and the semi-automatic KKS 400 U.

KKS 463 NA

The swivelling vertical clamping device of the KKS 463 NA makes mitre cuts easy, and it offers the and shortest remnant parts length possible at under 15mm. It also comes with automatic program-controlled mitring and processing of cutting sequences, automatic sorting of front cuts, end pieces and finished pieces, and automatic calculation of the feed rate and cutting speed based on the DIN number or material category.

When it comes to workpiece clamping, the infeed and outfeed sides are both individually controllable, clamping pressure reduction is available, as is clamping-path optimisation.

According to Rene Eger (Head of Sales Universal Sawing Machines, Kaltenbach), "The KKS 463 NA is a fully automatic circular sawing machine, so it runs without an operator. It does everything. You take the material to the infeed conveyor, program the length and number of pieces, and the machine will clamp the material, move it, make the cuts, remove the trim material and move the piece to any programmable position. All the operator needs to do is make sure there is enough infeed material and ensure the outfeed box is not full."

"We reduced the rest piece bar to below 15mm, so basically there is no rest piece. There is really no other cutting machine in the world able to perform with rest pieces that small."

"The machine is able to adjust the clamping pressure automatically. It calculates this according to the raw material and adjusts the feed rate so that the machine is always cutting with exact values. It's easy to add marking systems like an inkjet system, as well as drill profiles, in the case of galvanizing," said Eger.

KKS 400 U

The KKS 400 U offers users a range of benefits. It provides for fast and easy operation via push-button and offers
optimum adjustment of cutting speed to match the material quality.

"The semi-automatic KKS 400 U was developed and introduced by the first company in the world to create a cutting machine with up stroking technology—all other machines are a copy of our original," said Eger.

"What makes our KKS 400 U unique is that it is really flexible. Its capability is not fixed just to tubes – it can handle tubes, beams, special profiles, solid materials, and all types of steel. The steel does not have to be straight—you can turn the table for a mitre range of 180 degrees, or even perform acute cuts of 10 degrees."

"In terms of safety, all of our machines adhere to the latest European safety standards. Whenever you feed material or do any adjustments, the blade is below the table, so there is no opportunity for the operator to touch the blade. Every machine comes with a raisable saw blade safety hood with an electrical interlock, making it impossible to open the hood without holding the entire machine."

"We also use a coolant atomizer system, with the solution, sprayed directly onto the saw blade. This means that there are no nozzles and every cut is almost dry, keeping the surrounding work area clean. For all further steps, like welding the material, it is a big advantage if the material is dry, rather than wet."

Originally published from steel Australia Spring Edition 2021


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