Haeusler introduces AR-Remote Support


Beginning 01 May 2021, HAEUSLER TECH AG will change the way we do remote support by introducing a new support concept.

Since the usual support by phone and email has become outdated, it will now be extended by the new contemporary component "AR support". The new components will be mapped in modular service contracts that can be tailored exactly to the needs of our customer.



By using modern communication technologies such as remote maintenance systems and augmented reality, we are able to immediately carry out fault detection, diagnosis, maintenance, data analysis or optimization without having to send a technician.

In the event of an acute machine breakdown, faults can thus be localized within a very short time with the help of the remote connection. This significantly reduces your downtime. If there is a problem that cannot be found exclusively by remote access to the HMI and PLC, HAEUSLER AR support is also available.

In combination, the values of the PLC can be verified directly with the live stream from the machine. The on-site technician represents the extended arm of our support team.

Combined with annual maintenance in a service contract you get the optimal protection for your machine.


haeusler-ar-support 2

The on-site technician uses a smartphone or tablet for a live video stream connection with Haeusler experts.

haeusler-ar-support 3

Information can be displayed in the app. Showing works in both directions. Guidance by an expert possible during troubleshooting or a new bending application. Option to use AR glasses.

haeusler-ar-support 4

Important documents such as schematics and drawings can be shared directly with the technician on site.

(Source: Haeusler Newsletter)



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