Case Study – How does your business select the correct machine?


a. Completing a comprehensive project profile is an essential element for the selection of any capital investment. Deciding what your business needs to achieve for your clients and markets determines your competitive position.

b. Compiling a bid list of potential manufacturers to contribute to your business must follow metrics that identify the business performance gains and avoid a ‘best guess’ or familiarity approach.

c. The expectations for your business and your clients should be demonstrable and consistent with the analysis of value-added measures in all aspects.

d. Planning a growth strategy around a set of metric-driven indicators can create the data necessary to inform your Return On Investment when using such a process. Without this, the outcome and gain are vague at best and more likely to be more about faith than forecast.

e. Using evidence-based metrics that plot process efficiency, flexibility and gap analysis highlight the specific capabilities that put your business in a position to promote new opportunities, new capacity and availability.

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