Case Study – Guaranteed no stress strategy for selecting plasma cutting nesting software


Clients of Specialist Machinery Sales appreciate the flexibility of having nesting software that is readily available and supported on all five continents. This makes it easier to find staff that have experience in programming and using the full functionality of the software to maximise the ROI and arc on efficiency from the machine tool.

No one appreciates waiting for any computer software to run through a cycle. We all suffer from a little impatience from time to time when the pressure is on to meet delivery schedules. What has been discovered is the nesting software provided by international suppliers is the superior choice compared to investing in home brand software that relies on a boutique machine tool builders in house research and development team.

The plasma cutting market is now trending towards BIM systems for full integration of estimation and steel processing stock control and inventory management systems. This is where the international software companies have been investing their research and development to support their clients' ambitions of measuring and running their systems and machinery. Having a nesting software plug and being able to play with a client’s BIM software allows for auditable data to be compatible with our buyers' strategy to innovate instead of stagnating. Have you enquired if the nesting software your business is considering will be compatible with the latest BIM software available today?

Australian businesses that had invested in a tier 1 plasma cutting machine in the ’90s were caught out when this machine tool builder experienced financial trouble. When clients rely on a machine tool builders home brand controller and boutique software the risk of the business being left with an orphan controller and software, that no one can support, is higher than specifying an international software package that has thousands of more licenses sold every year.

A plasma cutting business can mitigate the risk of a machine tool builder going into administration, or selling to the Chinese, or a venture capitalist who is not motivated to support existing clients software. When investing in internationally recognised software and nesting packages, plasma cutting owners understand that these suppliers sell thousands of sets of licenses across the world so the research and development departments are world-class and available locally or remotely to support your business.

Businesses that use the one nesting software package to program a fleet of existing machines like routers, plasma cutting, waterjet or laser cutting and turret punch machines have an advantage against the businesses who use numerous software packages to run various machines.

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