Case Study – Clear & unbiased facts about a CNC controller for a plasma cutting machine with drilling & extra machining capacity


I have recently had a few discussions with business leaders in the steel processing industry on how to select a correct CNC controller for a plasma cutting machine.

Owners often neglect to explore whether there are common challenges to be aware of before selecting a CNC controller. Most require the CNC controller to competitively drive a plasma machine for decades but believe that any controller specified by the plasma cutting machine tool builder will perform appropriately.

What stakeholders have found is that a home brand and CNC controller provided from a boutique plasma cutting machine tool builder increased the cost per part. This in turn reduces the business competitiveness when they are captured from the machine tool builder for upgrades and service.

Current plasma cutting technology that fabricators and steel services centres are purchasing from Specialist Machinery Sales includes a broad set of capabilities, such as drilling, countersinking, tapping, face milling, scribing, thread milling and boring functions. The CNC controller must accurately control the machining functions as well as a plasma torch and often a few oxy torches and a bevel cutting option.

Plasma owners with a home brand CNC controller consistently report problems with processing parts accurately and competitively. This results in customers failing parts during QA/QC inspections.

Many owners anticipate that a home brand CNC controllers fitted to plasma cutting machines will be suitable. What operators discover is that it can be expensive to receive any upgrades from the machine tool builder for their controller. This means the plasma machine quickly falls behind the technology curve and becomes uncompetitive.

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