Case Study – Guaranteed ways to avoid buying the wrong plasma cutting machine with drilling and extra machining capacity


We all look at developing our business to improve our competitive position and be more efficient. It is fair to think about all of our assets and our people when we do this, guarding ourselves against making the incorrect choice.

As a business, irrespective of what we do, we all aspire to increase our market presence and serve new sectors. One recent client’s experience highlighted the outcomes from poorly considered choices. We have all seen other organisations that have rushed in headfirst when they have seen an opportunity without proper preparation and understanding of the resources required to be successful. Through the hurried selection of an underwhelming and cheaper specification this machine ultimately provided a disappointing end product.

The plasma/drilling machine, whilst it was new and was the cost-effective model from the machine tool builders’ product offering, only provided competitive drilling capacity in carbon steel and missed the higher margins available when processing a Q&T plate, often used in the mining industry.

It is easy to make a poor choice if the drilling capacity does not have the necessary power to drill the appropriate diameter holes competitively. This is highlighted when drilling higher tensile Q&T steel that requires additional torque at the carbide drilling tool bit and not necessarily a larger motor. Specialist Machinery Sales plasma cutting machine tool builder has a design and intellectual property built into the specification, with auditable advantages that lower the cost per part when comparisons are made with natural competitors.

The capacity to service the gap in their business to process and supply Q&T plate was lost to other businesses that were supplied the appropriate machines to service this market from Specialist Machinery. A faster ROI would have been possible had the machine specification not been sacrificed for a lower-priced machine tool. Is this something your business has considered?


By not asking the right questions about the specification from the subject matter expert, your businesses expected performance outcomes might not be realised. When we bring assets into our business we do so because we expect they can bring value. If we do not understand ‘precisely’ how that value is going to be realised, are we making a good choice?

The client’s business was considering both models suitable for processing Q&T plate from Specialist Machinery. The client, to mitigate the risk of investing in the incorrect machine, provided Q&T part drawings so time studies were provided from the machine tool builder. This provided evidence that a correctly specified machine was going to meet the business’s performance expectations and provide the fastest ROI.

The risk of getting this wrong would have significant long term implications to the clients’ business and the bottom line; incorrect utilisation of resources, cash flow, floor space, power and limitations on the type of work the business can bid for and win.

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