Biko Expertise

Biko Bending RollsTrue or false? There is a significant leap in confidence knowing that:

  • Every fabricated component is designed by Biko
  • Every fabricated component is manufactured by Biko
  • Every fabricated component is machined by Biko
  • The entire range of machines are assembled at Biko
  • The entire range of machines are installed by Biko
  • The entire range of machines are warranted by Biko
  • All spare parts for the entire range of machines are genuine Biko parts
  • The entire Biko product range is manufactured in the Faccin factory

In isolation any and all engineered components will withstand expert scrutiny and we challenge our industry to find a comparison.

Faccin / Biko users and their clients have enjoyed that leap in confidence from a true manufacturer for 40 years.

Biko Versatility

Biko incorporate first hand fabrication experience into every element of all machines that are built. From the ordinary to the exotic requests from our clients Biko machines can comfortably and confidently deliver.

Biko’s insight and in-house innovation allows adoption of current thinking and advancement of future trended fabrication processes. Through this approach Biko machines introduce discreet and extensive automation applications to fabricators.

Biko have accommodated the fluctuations in volume and variety, that any market experiences, in all of their machines. Through this all Biko clients enjoy the unique flexibility and superior competitiveness that such versatility brings.

Biko Sustainability

Workshop efficiency is often supported by continuity in client relationships and collaborative project delivery. Ensuring the versatility that allows incremental flexibility maintains the relevance and value of your workshop to your existing and the broader market.

Biko invite you to share your ambitions, strategy and expectations to assist a specification to deliver your success.

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