Behringer Expertise

Behringer MachineryBehringer was founded in 1919 and has been supplying bandsaw machines since 1952. Behringer are now one of the few complete suppliers in the sawing technology market with extensive capabilities to supply fabrication and steel processing industry in the broadest sectors and applications.

Behringer machines established performance are measured in orders of magnitude when comparisons are made in bandsaw and coldsaw markets. Behringer also has its own in house foundry so everything is supplied from a single source.

Behringer’s longevity is represented in the flexibility and diversity of capability and performance, which all users expect as standard. Here you will find absolute expertise developed from an appreciation of the capabilities of steel. Say yes to your clients with confidence knowing that flexibility, and not redundancy, is built into the Behringer machines.

Behringer Versatility

Behringer offers all users the depth and breadth of the decades of contributions made to the fabrication and steel processing industry.

The contributions to every project from Behringer users by definition adds value. Why? Because Behringer offer flexibility with increased functionality.

Fabricators who aspire to invest in a beam line can start by investing in a Behringer saw. They can then add a drilling unit supplied by Vernet Behringer so the saw will be compatible with the beam-line. This provides the ultimate flexibility to a fabricator’s workshop so a bandsaw does not need to be purchased twice.

Behringer Sustainability

Behringer durability and incremental capability affords every user the opportunity to go to market with broad appeal and competitiveness.

Behringer invites you to share your ambitions, strategy and expectations to assist a specification to deliver your success.

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