Beam Welding Machine

Beam Welding Machine – World Class Value to You & Your Clients

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CMM is the proven beam welding machine in Australia that has been fabricating the majority of welded beams for the Australian market for 35 years.


beam welding machineryWhat It Does For You?

1. Versatility that increases your relevance and adds value to all beams fabricated
2. Capability that improves tender selection that you bid on all beam sizes
3. Utilisation that adds value to every processed and fabricated tonne

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how-it-worksHow It Works?

Send us drawings of beams that your business wants to fabricate so evidence based metrics can be provided to measure & understand capabilities.

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see-it-workSee It Work – See The Value

Beam welding machine available to view in Italy at Omba who is the largest welding beam fabricator in Europe.  Ask for details click here

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Case Studies

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