Automate Deburring for $150/day and Be Cash Flow Positive!

April 18, 2016 by Todd - No Comments

01-01Specialist Machinery will offer a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee that the Ernst Pluto will deburr plasma and laser cut parts at speeds between 0.5 to 4m/minute!

Budget finance costs for an Ernst Pluto machine is $150 AUD per day.   Steel processing businesses and fabricators can be cash flow positive the moment an Ernst Pluto deburring machine is turned on from re-tasking man-hours from the workshop.

Increase capacity, improve schedule, cost, safety and quality when deploying an automation strategy to deburr and break the edge of laser and plasma cut parts today!

Follow this link to the Specialist Machinery & ERNST / PLUTO website to learn more.

01-02What it Does

1) How does the Ernst deburring machine grow my business?

2) What makes the Ernst machine more valuable than hand held tooling?

 3) How does it deliver efficiency and improvements?

How it Works

The variety of tasks that every fabricator and steel service centre has traditionally relied upon manual labour to carry out can now be automated.  Click here to have a deeper insight into ERNST.

See it Work

We have 11 videos available from the ‘See it Work’ tab here.

Profit & Proof

It’s time to automate and close the gap in the labour intensive deburring operation in your business today!

Find out how to lower the costs of a price sensitive part today and win more work by clicking the following case studies that reflect good choices your peers are making.

1) The secrets to specifying world class deburring machines

2) Win more work no matter the age or speed of your laser cutting machines

3) Avoid suffering from buying the wrong deburring machine:  Hindsight + Foresight = Insight

Specialist Machinery has an ERNST Pluto machine on order with attractive terms to the first business that orders a machine.  Contact us today to find out more!