Muller Opladen

Muller Opladen Expertise

Muller Opladen's broad industry understanding comes from an extensive involvement with 3D profile thermal cutting and welding machines for pipe, square, rectangle and steel beams since 1918. Today there are over 1000 machines at work every day installed in 60 countries with a service centre for Asia Pacific based in Singapore.

Muller Opladen's extensive experience in the files of CAD, software programming, developing electronic control systems, isometric projection and application oriented cutting and welding processes, means they can ensure that their technologies are always state of the art.

Muller Opladen bring more than superiority in technology performance, they enhance the user's experience with equivalent levels in service and collaborative development throughout the life-cycle of the machine. Muller Opladen users persistently report gains in availability and output.

Muller Opladen Versatility

Muller Opladen incorporate users fabrication experience into every element of all machines that are built. From the repetitious to the complex requests from fabricators and steel processing business, Muller Opladen machines confidently deliver. The machines are employed in all segments of thermal cutting and welding that represent the first and the most important stage in a modern production process.

Muller Opladen's insight and in-house innovation, high quality of workmanship and many years of staff experience are an assurance of integrated solutions for complex cutting and welding tasks worldwide. This dedication to excellence allows adoption of current thinking and advancement of future trended fabrication processes. Through this approach Muller Opladen machines introduce discreet and extensive automation applications to fabricators.

Muller Opladen's 3D profile cutting and welding machines facilitate the demands for scalability that any market experiences. Through this all Muller Opladen clients enjoy the flexibility and competitiveness that such versatility brings.

Muller Opladen Sustainability

Muller Opladen machines are the definition of adaptability. Their 3D profile thermal cutting machines productivity is boosted considerably by automated workpiece handling with logistics integrated in the machine concept.

Muller Opladen work in partnership with all clients in fabrication and steel processing to promote efficiency, safety and effectiveness as well as profitability.

Muller Opladen invite you to share your ambitions, strategy and expectations to assist a specification to deliver your success.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence-based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase, schedule improvement and see man hours redeployed from a Muller Opladen 3D profile plasma cutting and welding machine.

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